Press release ANULARIS® sports celebratory ring

Personalised with the colours of the Sports Club, precious and Made in Italy

Milan, 1 march 2021- Don’t call it (just) a luxury celebratory ring.

Anularis® is a sign of recognition: the winner wears it. It is on the finger of those who have made the game their own.

Appreciated by the top management of some of the most famous international elite sports teams, Anularis® comes in the company colours and celebrates the trophy won, the event that will remain in the annals of the teams and in the hearts of the fans.

anularis sports celebratory ring

The Presidents of some of the top fifty football clubs in the world – three in Europe, one in Latin America and one in Japan – had already enthusiastically welcomed the project from the outset, requesting Anularis® for their players, management staff and the top management of the Main Sponsor. This was just before the well-known global situation caused by Covid 19. Now we are all rooting for a worldwide recovery and the pleasure of returning to great sport and its trophies. Celebrated with the right ring.

Each Anularis® sports celebratory ring is numbered, unmistakably tailor-made, with the unmistakable design and workmanship of the Italian Master Goldsmiths. Made of gold or platinum, the precious gems and their colours identify the individual client.

Each piece has an insurance policy and certificate of guarantee drawn up by a gemmologist.

The technological soul. Each Anularis® contains an NFC tag: by framing it with your smartphone, you can read its specific history (the Trophy for which it was produced, the champion to whom it was donated). This is an extra treat for collectors, in case the piece comes up for auction over time.

The Anularis® casket is itself a work of art: precious woods, inlaid and lacquered, combined with innovative materials.

anularis sports celebratory ring

“The idea came to us because you don’t wear medals and cups you’ve won… but you do wear a ring to celebrate those trophies. We made it into an unmistakable piece of jewellery. Exclusive not only in terms of price,” says the creator Stefano Cocconcelli,  manager from Milan who has been involved in digital and sports services and communications for years.

Anularis® thus represents the new ‘seal of prestige’ in the international sports industry. It goes beyond the usual licensing and merchandising: a personalised, precious and unmistakable ring that identifies membership of the team of excellence.

Anularis® identifies the leader, the champion who wears it. Price on request.


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