Temporary Press Office

The temporary press office is a solution designed for small and medium enterprises, which often lack the resources to invest in a press office “stable”.
Innovation Marketing, gives opportunities for small and medium enterprises, to obtain the services of a real press office for a period of time, which may coincide with the presence of the company at a trade show or event. At a price very competitive.

The Temporary Press Office, as the one developed by Innovation Marketing has the advantage of presenting the product or the client company to the attention of the press, or general industry, increasing its visibility.

With the experience of qualified professionals who for years has maintained relations with the press, Innovation Marketing is able to provide online and offline presence for its customers, boasting a database of more than 40,000 journalists and newspapers, to send press releases , both through mailing that direct contact.
The drafting of a press release, the preparation and dissemination of press release, are managed by qualified staff who manages relationships with journalists constantly keeping the customer updated on business developments.

These activities can also be supported by a constant activity of the newsletter.

For more information contact us directly for a strategic proposal designed specifically for your company.

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